• Brows can make your eyes look larger and more expressive. Fill the brow in with an eye shadow powder and eyebrow brush. It's best to choose a shade that matches your hair color. Apply with a small, hard brush that's flat and angled at the tip.


  • Using a sharpened Eye pencil to draw a thin line around the lash makes the lashes appear thickerHold outside corner of eye with the finger tip to apply. A thicker line will add drama. Be sure to blend the line with a wedge sponge or Q Tip to soften. If there are dark shadows under the eyes avoid lining the bottom.
  • Begin the lash from the outer corner toward where the lashes end going towards the nose. Connect inner of eye to lash line by drawing on the inside edge of the skin. Smudge lines with a wedge sponge or Q -Tip.


  • Start at the outer corner of the eye with medium tone eye color. Set shape by angling slightly upward. Apply eye color on entire eyelid as far as crease, blending outward. Softly blend darkest color in crease and at outer corner of eye.
  • Line upper lid at lash line from inner corner to outer corner. Line lower lid under lashes on outer corner only. about one third of eye from outer corner then apply your mascara.



  • Using a medium to dark eye color start at the outer corner of the eyes and set shape slightly upward. Blend a darker shade over the hooded area, extending it into the brow bone. Blend a medium tone in the center of the lid ,
  • softly blending to soften the brow bone. Use the lightest shade in the corner of the eyelid . Highlight just under brow with lightest shade. Do not extend  highlight too far down, keeping it at the brow to emphasize hood.
  • Line upper eyelid from inner corner of the to outer corner. Keep line as close as possible to lash line.
  • Starting at outer corner, line lower lid under lashes. only lining one third of bottom of the eye. Smudge pencil line until just a shadow then apply mascara.



  • Start at outer corner of eye with medium tone shadow . Set shape by angling slightly upward. Apply shadow color on entire eyelid as far as crease, blending outward. Blend medium-light toned shadow to brow bone ,and blend to center of lid. Do not extend shadow outward.
  • Blend darker color in corner of eye on lid , working softly along side of bridge of nose into fullest area of brow. Blend darker color from inner corner to center of eyelid, blending into medium shade that started from outer corner.
  • Concentrate lightest shade in center under brow . Do not add lightest shade to outer edges under brow, which would pull eye outward.
  • Line under lower lid with taupe and brown or black. Line outer one-half with taupe, then line one-half or one-fourth beyond taupe with brown or black to pull eye into nose. Smudge pencil line down to just a shadow for a smoky effect. Apply mascara. 


  • Use medium shade of shadow starting at corner of eye, slightly angling upward, and blend. Use medium light shade on entire eyelid. Blend softly to brow bone. Blend lightest shade under brow.
  • Stay away from dark colors on brow bone, which will make deep set eyes look even deeper. Stay away from eyeliner on top lids, which will sink eyes further back.
  • Line lower lid under lashes on outer one-third. Smudge pencil line to just a shadow to counter heaviness of top brow.

  • Use light colored shadow over the entire lid and a darker shade in the crease. Apply eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, and use mascara on the upper outer lashes

  • If you wear eyeglasses, get lenses with a no reflective glare, allowing others to see your eyes. If you have thick lenses that make your eyes look larger, go easy on the mascara; if the lenses make your eyes look smaller, be sure to line your eyes to bring them out. Your eyebrows, not your eyeglass frames, should define your face, so make sure to keep them well groomed. Are your glasses a strong color? Then keep your shadow neutral and concentrate color elsewhere on your face.


  • If you have an important event coming up, this is not the time to try something new. If you want a new look, try it out a few months ahead of time, to give you and others a chance to get used to it. To keep your eyes from fading in photographs, you want your eyebrows cleaned up, well defined and completely filled-in. The same goes for your eyelashes. Use a curler and two coats of waterproof mascara. For shadow color, don't use pink, light blue or frosts; they'll make you look tired. A natural look is your best bet. The more comfortable you feel with your eye make up, the more confident you'll be in any situation.

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