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Sesuatu untuk adik2/rakan2/sahabat2 aku kongsi bersama.

Untuk pengetahuan kalian, aku dah lama ada blog ni. tapi inilah kali pertama aku update blog dengan sesuatu yang aku kagumi. 

Kisahnya, aku terclick page seorang Wanita ni di FB dari page kawan aku (bukan stock haa...) aku langsung tak kenal pun Wanita ni... Lillahitaala... Jadi aku terkasima (ayat novel sangat...) bila baca INFO Wanita ni..

Dan INFO ni yang aku nak share dengan kamu semua.. :p

Fast Tracker ACCOUNTING in UiTM Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam.

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Saya seorang yang bersederhana tapi saya amat keras kalau bab perasaan, saya belajar dari pengalaman yang lepas. Biar hati beku tapi saya dapat keredhaan-Nya.

Saya mudah berkawan bila betol caranya. ;D
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**Moral yang aku dapat dari INFO Wanita ni, pengalaman seseorang itu amat penting untuk menetapkan pendirian diri kita pada masa hadapan. Dan wanita ini adalah bukan calang-calang orangnya.. FAST TRACK dalam fikiran aku adalah mereka yang bijak-bijak.. :)

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  • Make-up is an activity or alter the appearance of actual original form with the help of cosmetic ingredients and equipment.
  • Make-up requires a lot of knowledge about :

  1. Anatomy (to provide the ideal shape of the body)
  2. Characterization of color and line (to give a characterization personal)
  3. Gradient Color (to refine the final result cosmetology)
  4. Color Composition

  • special make-up is a certain make-up, categorized in various types of make-up in which It is done on your face and follow the theme of conformity required.For example, special make-up I can see through my understanding namely the presence of Effect Make-Up, Straight Make-Up, Fantasy Make-Up, Corrective Make-Up, Character Make-Up and others again.


  • the normal make-ups may also be categorized in Straight Make-up namely daily make-up done. It is a make-up of corresponding normal wear every time.
  • Make up does not require a long time for someone she was preparing.
  • In addition, it is also widely used for the benefit of the acting and entertainment.Every color and materials used in cosmetics intended for forming character of certain, for example, use dark eye shadow to give a stern character.


  • Fantasy makeup opens door to creating characters and characterizations for parties, as the one for carnivals, fantasy photos and magical words: Elves, fairies, and nymphs, playing with sets and accessories.
  • In this type of makeup we can imitate an image or create an image inspired by something we want to reflect. Or simply an image with a touch of fantasy, but in abstract form, having no meaning at all.
  • A good medium for presenting fantasy makeup is for photography. A beautiful fantasy makeup will be an exaggeration of beauty makeup. Slightly adorned with style and compliments such as drawings, outlines, jewel work, etc. Always try to beautify with a combination of some extraordinary decoration with the usual makeup or artistically done outlining.
  • Body makeup (also known as body painting) is fantasy makeup that is done with watercolor. It can be entirely done with watercolors, painting the entire body or combined with more a natural beauty makeup. We can use watercolor over the base of makeup, since there are an infinite amount of different colors, we can mix various color, including blending in with the skin tone
  • They way we distribute the color is very important because the intensity and brightness with emphasize the face creating volume and depth. We can do all types of harmonious unities. If we want the colors to take life and stand out more we should use contrasting colors, complimentary colors, without blending (theory of color).
  • In the world of beautiful fantasy makeup you can have complete freedom to create with colors and lines, however there may be some guidelines you may have to follow


  • When it's time to produce beautiful fantasy makeup we can make a mock-up on paper beforehand, to plan your results. This is where you decide the design and colors you will use. We will apply makeup adapting to the contours of the face. We will not “draw on” the face as if it is a flat one dimensional canvas. We will adapt to the face because it's about applying beauty makeup and we want to beautify the person.
  • Since we want to showcase and beautify the face with our makeup, we want to respect its natural form, emphasizing the natural points of light.
  • They way we distribute the color is very important because the intensity and brightness with emphasize the face creating volume and depth. We can do all types of harmonious unities. If we want the colors to take life and stand out more we should use contrasting colors, complimentary colors together, but without blending, for then they wouldn't be pure. Complimentary colors are those colors that seem to have nothing to do with eachother. They are very different, so when you place one next to the other, it makes each color stand out even more. This creates a very striking effect that's very indicative of fantasy makeup.
  • The outlining of the artwork plays a very important part as well. The curvatures of rounded outlines sweetens the features, exuding sensuality. This is ideal for presenting a feminine face. While on the other hand, straight and sharp lines create a more aggressive and cold.
  • Combination of colors also produce sensations. The makeup artist interprets the heart giving it color. Those colors possess their own characters transmitting warmth, coolness, tranquility, happiness, excitement, etc.
  • Fantasy beauty makeup is useful in different areas. Mainly spectaculars, theaters, carnivals, costume parties, on Halloween. In all actuality there has been a growth in use in publicity photography and in fashion runways.
  • Art and imaginations are words that describe this type of makeup. Find the perfect marriage between beauty and fantasy to display makeup that is the best and has a powerful impact.


theme : fruits

theme: dead

animal make-up


for more details in technique of animal make-up,do CLICK HERE


  • When you're making an actor into another person you must alter his appearance so it fits the new character.If the character is mean, kind, fat, thin or ugly you must change the actors own features to match this. 
  • To be able to do this we use a lot of different methods such as wigs, false teeth and facial prosthetics. 
  • When you're doing a highlight and shadow makeup you are really just using the actors own features to alter his looks by showing and hiding things that are already there. 
  • Some actor once said that all parts are an insult, because the makeup artist always bring out the "bad" bits of the face when doing a character makeup. 
  • Depending on what kind of stage you are working on the makeup can differ quite a bit. 
  • If you're working on a small stage you have to put on makeup which is very subtle but for a big stage it can look really grotesque in person but great on stage. 
  • Character makeup can also sometimes be classical makeup's like the Peking opera masks or Japanese kabuki makeup. 
  • These kinds of makeup are very hard for us to understand and do correctly because they come from thousands of years of tradition. 
  • Every colour and line means as much as a whole book of knowledge.
  • All we can do is mimic or do our own interpretation which is bound to be wrong. 
example of character make-up is aging make-up

corrective make-up


A basic technique for applying makeup is to emphasis the good features by highlighting and minimizing the imbalanced or not so good features, by shadowing or shading with the right combination of cosmetics colors, which is the purpose of corrective make-up.

corrective make-up tips:

What is highlighting?

  • When a lighter shade of foundation is applied on a particular area of the face, it is highlighted to focus attention.

What is shadowing or shadings?

  • When a darker shade of foundation is applied on a particular feature, it minimizes attention on that area shadowing detracts attention.

What is blending ?

  • When two shades of foundation are used they must be spread towards the required direction properly. Any demarcation line of two foundation should not be visible. Caution is the keyword while blending.