Eyeliner Application Tips

  • the tissues surrounding the eye area are very delicate, so be extra careful while selecting the pencil eyeliner to be soft enough to glide easily. 
  • For make up application you need practice as well as a steady hand.
  • As the pencil eyeliners are easier to control and can give a look that you desire, it seems that they are the most popular.
  • On the other hand liquid eyeliners need more practice but it can create precise lines if applied with enough care
  • If your eyes are wide set, more stress needs to be given on the inner corners of the eye. And for eyes which are close set; stress the outer corners of the eye.
  • For drooping eyes, the outer end of the liner needs to be drawn upwards.


  • When you use pencil eyeliner, keep your mouth little opened in order to relax the eye muscles. This will make the lining much easier for you.
  • Apply the eyeliner in uniform thickness and as close as possible to the lashes in order to avoid the white line you may find if the liner and the lashes don’t merge.
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